APS students win during International Student Media Association competition


The results of the 2013 International Student Media Association (ISMA), formerly the International Student Media Festival (ISMF), have been announced. Four projects submitted by APS students earned the coveted Top Honors award, three were designated Judges’ Favorite, and twenty-seven were awarded Excellence in Media Production.

Projects exceeding the minimum criteria earned the Excellence in Media Production award. A Judges’ Favorite was awarded when judges believe the students have great potential as media producers and particularly enjoyed or were impressed with a project. The Top Honors were awarded to entries that met 100% of the ISMA stringent criteria of excellence and were also Judges’ Favorite.

APS Media Services Coordinator, Warren Goetzel, stated that it does not matter whether a project received an award. He congratulates all APS students who designed, wrote, and produced a media project this year. Goetzel adds, “APS strongly believes that media production empowers student learning and communication.”

For more information about the ISMA visit http://www.ismassn.net

The award winning APS projects are listed below:

Benteen Elementary School, Atlanta GA
Kung Fu Fools, Excellence in Media Production

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, Atlanta GA
Number Hunt in Our World 0-20, Top Honors

Bolton Academy, Atlanta GA
Booker T. Washington, Excellence in Media Production
Sugar Water, Excellence in Media Production

D.H. Stanton Elementary School, Atlanta GA
“D. H. Stanton: School of Choice,” Excellence in Media Production
“Ponies,” Excellence in Media Production
Fire House, Excellence in Media Production

Fred Armon Toomer Elementary School, Atlanta GA
The Girls’ Mysterious, Excellence in Media Production

G. A. Towns Elementary, Atlanta GA
European Explorers, Excellence in Media Production

Garden Hills, Atlanta GA
Sydney’s World, Excellence in Media Production

Harper-Archer Middle School, Atlanta GA
Terry McMillan, Excellence in Media Production

Inman Middle School, Atlanta GA
Joe’s Kabob Palace, Excellence in Media Production
Vincent Van Gogh, a biography, Excellence in Media Production

Jean Childs Young Middle School, Atlanta GA
Cyberbullying, Excellence in Media Production, Excellence in Media Production
Social Alienation, Excellence in Media Production and Judges’ Favorite
Ten Tips for Promoting Tolerance, Excellence in Media Production

Mary Lin Elementary School, Atlanta GA
Awesome and Amazing Animals, Excellence in Media Production

Maynard Holbrook Jackson High School, Atlanta GA
Air quality, Excellence in Media Production
Building of Success, Excellence in Media Production
Don’t limit your future, Excellence in Media Production
Drop Out Dreamer, Excellence in Media Production
Dumb Daddy, Excellence in Media Production
Special Project, Excellence in Media Production
The Maynard Jackson Project, Excellence in Media Production and Judges’ Favorite
The suicide, Excellence in Media Production

North Atlanta High School, Atlanta GA
Farm Family Down Home, Excellence in Media Production and Judges’ Favorite
In Memory of W. B. Yeats, Excellence in Media Production

South Atlanta School of Computer Animation and Design, Atlanta GA
Don’t Go To The Meadow, Top Honors
That Dog, Excellence in Media Production
The Game, Excellence in Media Production
The Wrong Saving, Excellence in Media Production

Springdale Park Elementary School, Atlanta GA
Angles, Lines & More, Excellence in Media Production
Lines & Angles, Top Honors

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