Therrell’s baseball team gear up with EvoShield and the Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation

With Howard and EvoShield Co-Founder Justin Niefer’s assistance, the Panthers’ sophomore shortstop Alphonso Kerry tries on one of EvoShield’s special elbow guards for baseball.

On March 13th, Dwight Howard Sr., father of Atlanta native and Houston Rockets NBA superstar Dwight Howard, and Sheryl Howard visited Therrell High School to make a special donation of EvoShield protective baseball gear to the school’s entire varsity baseball team, on behalf of The Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation.

The baseball players were grinning ear to ear as they received their own EvoShield chest guards, elbow guards, and wrist guards to protect them on the field. In addition to being surprised by the generous donation from the foundation and EvoShield, the Therrell coaches and players also were elated that the baseball elbow and wrist guards they received came in the school’s red color.

“We all know that baseball is a very expensive sport, so I’m glad that we had the opportunity to come in this neighborhood and be a blessing to these young men,” said Dwight Howard Sr.

The Dwight D. and Sheryl H. Howard Foundation Inc., created in 2004, is a faith-based organization that reaches out to strengthen family relationships by providing a family base to assist youths with everyday life issues.  The foundation’s goal is to re-ignite a holistic approach to families and disadvantaged residents in economically distressed, under-represented communities.

(Photo courtesy Bill Cowan photography)






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