Kimberly Elementary and Therrell High students bond over books

Submitted by Kimberly Elementary School

Monday, March 3 was designated as “Read All Day” for students at L.O. Kimberly Elementary School.  On this day, students participated in activities designed to encourage reading for information and reading for fun.  Students were allowed to come to school dressed in their pajamas or favorite storybook character and teachers were also encouraged to dress the part. {Click here to watch the video}

In addition to reading activities in each classroom, students from Therrell High School came to volunteer their time.  They helped make this day more memorable for the students at Kimberly as they read stories to the students in the classrooms, assisted with face painting, worked at the estimation station and snapped pictures in the photo booth.

“It was a great opportunity for Therrell students to feel connected to the future of their community by spending time with our elementary students,” commented literacy coach Calesia Grissom.  “The students at Kimberly always enjoy it when Therell High School students come to spend time with them.  It makes them feel very special.”

Grissom continued, “It was also a reminder to the high school students how important it is to begin reading a young age.  Hopefully they will encourage their younger brothers and sisters to read or even read to them.  We are fortunate to have a great partnership with our feeder high school, Therrell.  It is very convenient having them in our back yard,” she says.

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