Inclement Weather Update – April 28, 2014

Dear parents and employees,

We have received preliminary reports that severe weather is predicted to move into our area between late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. The predictions show the possibility for strong tornadoes. Parents and guardians should monitor the weather reports and take precautions as needed for the safety and well-being of their family. Atlanta Public Schools will continue to monitor the weather throughout the morning.

APS maintains a shelter-in-place protocol for all buildings, facilities and vehicles.

If there are any changes to the regular school day, parents, guardians and employees will be notified by robocalls, emails and/or text messages. For updates, please continue to check the APS website, social media channels, and the local news.

Chief Marquenta A. Sands,

Director of Safety of Security

Atlanta Public Schools

(404) 802-2000

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