One day left for centralized late registration

By Leslie Rivera, Communications Officer

There is still time, if your busy family life just happened to prevent you from registering your child for another year at Atlanta Public Schools.

The APS Centralized Summer Center for Late Registration will be open Thursday, June 26 at Crim Open Campus High School at 256 Clifton Road SE in Atlanta.

Lynn Lopes, who is the mother of a rising eighth-grader at Sutton Middle School wrapped up her registration in about five minutes by using the “stop and drop” table. “ This was very convenient. I’m very grateful you had the drop-off location. I already had my paperwork completed and notarized. So this made it very easy to be able to just it drop off.” Lopes said.

The “stop and drop” table also made it easy for Sutton Middle School student Caroline Tuemler. The rising eighth-grader took time from her beach vacation and family visits to drop off her remaining paperwork at the Centralized Summer Center.

“It’s very quick and painless”, said Kristal Carter, Secretary at Parkside Elementary. Carter encourages parents to come out but also reminds them to be prepared. Parents can access all of the necessary paperwork on the APS website.

For parents who need copies or a notary, the Centralized Summer Center offers that option too at no cost. The registration process takes about 20-25 minutes from start to finish. Returning students need proof of residence in the form of a lease or mortgage statement and a Georgia Power bill along with two additional pieces of mail. There is an affidavit and demographic sheet that must also be completed.

Students new to APS will require an original birth certificate and the completed new enrollment packet, which can be found on the APS website. Students coming from another district must also provide a copy of their last report card.

There will also be a Centralized Summer Center for new student enrollment beginning July 7 at the Center for Learning and Leadership at 130 Trinity Avenue in Atlanta.

Once a student is enrolled in APS, parents can confirm their plans to return to the district every year during spring registration. Sutton Middle School parent Lynn Lopes offered this recommendation to parents, “if you can get it done before the school year lets out in the spring, it’s the easiest, but this was the second easiest way to do it”.

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