APS Community Comes Together to Celebrate College and Career Motivation Week

CollCAREERevt2014-002This week you will find community members, district employees and Board of Education members speaking to students in schools throughout the district as APS College and Career Motivation Week.  The purpose of the week is to encourage all of our students, from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12, to do well in school and to prepare today for college and careers tomorrow. The special week kicked off at the Georgia International Convention Center on Nov. 17 with the College and Career Motivation Week Extravaganza, a high-intensity college and career fair for hundreds of APS students in grades 4 through 12.

CollCAREERevt2014-016In addition, schools will host job interview workshops, dress-for-success forums and College Spirit Day.  Schools will also host Career Day or career awareness sessions, during which APS board members, employees and partners can visit a school and share their career journeys with students. The week ends Nov. 21 with College Casual Day at APS Central and Regional Offices, where employees will outfit their work spaces and themselves in memorabilia from their favorite college, university or APS school.







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