King’s High Achievers

Photo Credit: Mariama Tyler Jenkins Ms. Erica Nimmons and her “High Achievers” at King middle school.
Photo Credit: Mariama Tyler Jenkins
Ms. Erica Nimmons and her “High Achievers” at King middle school.

Sometimes a student can lose confidence in their ability to learn, simply because of non-academic distractions. Ms. Nimmons has high expectation for all of her students, but especially for members of her “High Achievers” group at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. She believes these young men have promise and untapped potential, and she never lets them forget it. Ms. Nimmons expects her High Achievers to be punctual and roll models for others students.

“I never talk about what my students are lacking,” said Ms. Nimmons, a Community in Schools site coordinator at King Middle. “My students can achieve when we remove barriers. I expect them to be role models in achievement, academics, behavior and attendance.”

Community in Schools (CIS), a non-profit organization whose mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. CIS works to help remove these barriers. Earlier this week, CIS provided snacks for students at Centennial Place Academy, King middle, Maynard H. Jackson high, Toomer elementary, and West End Academy to take home over spring break. Many APS families rely on the breakfast and lunch their children receive at school. With schools closed over spring break, it can present additional challenges for some families.

CIS and their partners are helping by providing 100 snack kits for students who rely on breakfast and lunch at school. CIS also has an emergency fund where teachers can nominate students or their families for additional assistance with utilities or other necessities.

When the students saw Ms. Nimmons struggling with a cart, they ran up to help. They were especially excited to learn that Ms. Nimmons was actually bringing special items for the group to take home. The young men were gracious and helpful.

“We are building life skills and providing a stepping stone for these students to move forward,” added Ms. Nimmons. Her High Achievers are no doubt living up to their name.

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