Mary Lin students test their multiplication skills at X Camp

X Camp_Mary LinBy Leslie Rivera

Third-graders at Mary Lin Elementary didn’t have time to daydream about spring break on the last day before their week-long vacation. Instead, these students put their multiplication skills to the test in the school’s annual X Camp event.

“Students are working on refreshing math skills and remembering the skills they’ve learned in class all year-long based on our third grade standards,” said Ms. Rogers, a third grade teacher at Mary Lin.


Teachers and parent volunteers set up nine tents. Each tent focused on a different game or activity such as “multiplication bingo” where a parent called out a problem and students had to find the answer on their bingo card or “around the world” where students were challenged to come up with an answer quickly.

Ms. Francheska Starks, Mary Lin’s 2015 Teacher of the Year, was excited to have the kids outside in a relaxed environment. “It’s a great way for us to review before the Georgia Milestones,” added Starks.

The event is not a competition so while there was a friendly rivalry among classmates, there was no official winner.  Now that they’ve proven their expertise in multiplication, the real fun begins as students dive into division after spring break.

X Camp_Mary Lin

X Camp_Mary LinX Camp_Mary LinX Camp_Mary LinX Camp_Mary LinX Camp_Mary LinX Camp_Mary LinX Camp_Mary LinX Camp_Mary Lin

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