Adamsville Primary partners with Home Depot to celebrate Earth Day


by: Britney Morgan

In a partnership with Home Depot, Adamsville Primary students and staff celebrated Earth Day by working together to beautify their school as part of the Adamsville Earth Day beautification project.

Home Depot on Cascade Road provided volunteers as well as materials and supplies. Students, staff and volunteers planted flowers, cleaned up school yards and painted the play area for blacktop games such as Hop Scotch, Four Squares and Twister. Adorned with the signature Home Depot orange aprons, students assisted with painting the blacktop games.

“Earth Day not only teaches our students about preserving our planet and science standards, but a since of belonging, community and pride,” said Instructional Coach Liede Husband, who helped to coordinate the effort and make the day a success.

Additionally, Husband expressed that she was happy that the students have a safe and clean area in which they can play.

Adamsville Principal Isis Manboard thinks it is important for students to learn to be good stewards of the planet.  “We would like to send a HUGE thank you to Home Depot for taking the time to help beautify our school,” said Manboard.  “It brings us joy when we can see our students playing on a clean and safe playground!”

The entire week was Earth Week at Adamsville. Each day they celebrated by learning about pollution, recycling and solar energy.

See more photos from Earth Day at Adamsville in the photo gallery below.

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