APS Students Win Big at the 2015 Georgia Student Media Festival



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by Britney Morgan

“Student media projects such as video production and website design stimulate learning across the curriculum and are an effective tool to meet content, technology, and 21st century standards,” said Atlanta Public Schools Media Coordinator Warren Goetzel. “The Georgia Student Media Festival allows students to communicate and demonstrate what they are learning and thinking.”

On May 8, 2015, 29 projects from 14 APS schools were awarded the “Outstanding Media Production” award at the Georgia Student Media Festival (GSMF).

Ten APS projects also received the “Best in Show” award for receiving a perfect score of 100.

The purpose of the GSMF is to stimulate student interest and involvement in all types of media production. Each year they celebrate outstanding student produced media projects by providing an opportunity for students to show their work to an interested audience, to have their work critiqued by a panel of expert judges, and to be stimulated by the work of other students.

All APS students are eligible and encouraged to participate. Projects can be submitted individually, as a group or as a class project. Many students create websites, blogs, animations, and other digital media on their own for submission. Students have until March each year to submit their work.

APS Media specialists throughout the district work collaboratively with classroom teachers and educational technology specialists to assist students in creating and submitting creative projects.

Some projects are developed in school technology clubs but more often they are an extension of classroom learning. The projects are frequently regular classroom assignments that involve the use of digital media.

“When the projects are fully integrated into classroom instruction the learning is more authentic,” said Goetzel.

Expressing pride in all the student media producers and their faculty sponsors, Goetzel said that the projects clearly show that our students are using vital 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

He thanks all of the teachers, media specialists, educational technology specialists, parents and others who assisted students with creating and submitting their projects.

Congratulations to all the Atlanta Public Schools Georgia Student Media Festival winners! See a list of the winning projects below.




School Sponsoring Teacher Score Project Title
Benteen Stephens, Kia 98 All About the Planets
Benteen Brightharp, Wilma 98 Susan B. Anthony : a Timeline
Benteen Everett, C. P. 98 Telephone Timeline
Benteen Stephens, Kia 98 Wacky Word Problems
Benteen Stephens, Kia 96 Arts and Crafts With Lisette
Benteen Stephens, Kia 96 Endangered
Benteen Stephens, Kia 96 Metamorphosis
Bolton Academy Newell-Rich, Jennifer 100 Sinking Soda Surprise
Carver – Early College Lewis, Sonja 100 Math tutorial for fractions
Deerwood Ashley, Brian 96 The Adventures of Zion, Jeremiah, and Kyntin
Drew Charter Mr. Richardson 96 Zack’s Video
Harper-Archer Green, Letitia 98 GME: Acid Rain Edition
Harper-Archer Green, Letitia 98 Road to Freedom
Lin Rogers, Jenifer & Johnson, Zenobia 100 Road to Independence
Miles Pamela-Faith Jackson 97 100 Years of Toys
Scott Laura Woods 96 The Ram Review
South Atlanta – CAD Taylor, Tokie 99 The  Perfect Patriot
South Atlanta – CAD Taylor, Tokie 96 A Battle Within
South Atlanta – CAD Taylor, Tokie 100 Life Hack
South Atlanta – CAD Ms. Katherine Davis 98 The Allegory of the Kingdom
Stanton, D.H. Stephens, Kia 98 The Seed
Stanton, D.H. Stephens, Kia 100 Cinderella Remix
Stanton, D.H. Stephens, Kia 100 The Butterfly
Stanton, D.H. Stephens, Kia 96 What Happened To My Dirty Socks?
Stanton, D.H. Stephens, Kia 100 Things I Can Make With Shapes
Usher/Collier Heights Vassell Mitchell, Debbie 100 Chemical Changes
Usher/Collier Heights Vassell Mitchell, Debbie 97 Our Beats
West Manor Mrs. Jamesa Hodge 100 Out of this World learning Blog
Young Deborah Heard 100 All About Me
Young Deborah Heard 98 All About Me



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