Future Journalist Anna Braxton Graduates as the 2015 Salutatorian of Grady High School


Anna Braxton has thrived in Grady High School’s learning environment. The encouraging and inspiring teachers, competitive peer groups, challenging classes, and fulfilling extracurricular have instilled a strong passion for learning in Anna. Throughout her time at Grady, she has participated in several extracurricular activities including cross country, Model UN, French club, debate team, and the newspaper, The Southerner. Anna’s time with the The Southerner greatly shaped her high school career and has inspired her to follow through with her passion for journalism. The Southerner adviser, Dave Winter, and former adviser, Kate Carter, have mentored and encouraged Anna through her high school journalism path and have contributed tremendously to her academic and personal growth.

Plans to Attend: Emory University

Major: English

Career Goal: Journalism

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