KIPP: Atlanta Collegiate’s 2015 Valedictorian Essowe Telou is headed to the University of Pennsylvania


Essowe Telou was born in Kara, Togo in Africa; however, at the age of six she, along with her mother and older sister, immigrated to the United States in order to reap the benefits of an American education. In America, she embraced the challenges of learning a new language
and adapting to a new culture in an effort to achieve the “American Dream”. In high school, along with achieving academic excellence, she took advantage of the multiple opportunities that were readily available to her by participating in student government, the debate team, and the school newspaper. Additionally, she discovered a passion for community service and took part in multiple fundraising opportunities such as tutorial programs for her peers. In the future, she hopes to either become a cardiovascular surgeon or work as a clinical researcher for the Centers of Disease Control.

Plans to Attend: University of Pennsylvania
Major: Neuroscience, biology
Career Goal: Cardiovascular surgeon

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