Marlon Portillo is the 2015 Valedictorian of Carver School of Health Sciences & Research


Marlon Portillo was born in El Salvador, and later migrated to Atlanta at the age of 10. During his 8th grade year, Marlon enrolled at Price Middle School and began experiencing cultural changes during his transition from his former suburban school system. As a Latino minority, Marlon knew he had something to prove to himself, his family and the rest of the world. With hard work and determination, he exceeded the level of proficiency and aimed for the impossible. Despite the statistical odds that were against him, he rose above his peers to become Valedictorian of his senior class. Marlon is confident that his experience at Carver School of Health Sciences and Research has prepared him for his future endeavors.

Plans to Attend: Fisk University 

Major: Computer Sciences 

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