The 2015 Salutatorian of Carver School of Health Sciences and Research Yuma Danso has a promising future in accounting


Yuma Danso was born in the United States but raised in Gambia for 10 years. When she returned to the United States, she struggled with mastering the English language, following the school curriculum, and identifying herself as a Muslim in America. Despite the challenges, she took advantage of every opportunity that was placed before her and succeeded beautifully in each endeavor. From the beginning of her tenure at Carver, Yuma set a goal to become the top student of her graduating class. She would not have done so without the support of her family, Mrs. Cooper (school counselor) and Ms. Dix (teacher). Yuma anxiously looks forward to attending her post-secondary school of choice and her favorite quote is “Believe in yourself and you can accomplish any goal you set your mind to do.”

Plans to Attend: Clark Atlanta University

Major: Accounting

Career Goal: Accounting firm owner

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