Keairra Brown is Maynard Jackson’s 2015 Salutatorian


Keairra Brown is the eldest of four children. She and her family moved to Atlanta in 2004. Her mother would later justify moving to the big city as a way to gain a better education and acquire more opportunities. Keairra, who many would describe as an introvert, humble, and ambitious would attend school for the first time in Atlanta along with her sisters. Throughout her years in school, she excelled in her studies and received many awards for her accomplishments. However, just as any other student, she would face many odds along her journey, such as financial complications, fear of public speaking, and senioritis. Despite these challenges, Keairra came out on top, and she plans to strive to make change for the world by devoting herself to humanity.

Plans to Attend: Emory University

Major: Biology and Chinese Studies

Career Goal: Obstetrician/Gynecologists

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