Welcome Back APS Students and Staff!

APS students and staff returned to the classroom Wednesday, August 5, 2015.  Below are a few photos from the first two days of school. Welcome back!


20150805_073824 20150805_101458 20150805_101858 20150805_103020 20150806_072832 20150806_074432 20150806_081650 FB_SA2015-003
Bunche CLp5_WqWwAAQACz CLpj61UWoAA5IIV CLppmz7UkAA5Paz CLproH1UwAEBgg_ CLproH7UsAA1U8V CLptPXyWwAE0Kns CLpyDLCW8AELjIG CLpyDTXWIAAouHI CLqGI0nWUAAvg9b - Copy CLqGICYWgAArnIK - Copy CLq-HmtUkAAVHoZ - Copy CLqmpPrXAAE5zVg - Copy CLqVmblWsAAmxae - Copy CLrforKVAAAOKfk - Copy CLrQTnIWoAAS2FN - Copy CLsAJupUYAETR9n - Copy CLuAiqpUkAAodcu - Copy CLuAZzcUAAAvLkC - Copy CLuc1KGUcAAF3S9 - Copy CLuCjpbUwAAS7lr - Copy CLuCjqJUAAA6T8_ - Copy CLuigbFW8AAXi_T - Copy CLvCEj_UkAASEcJ - Copy FB_SA2015-003 - Copy

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