Author Lauryn Marie Burks Shares Her Book “My 100 Hands” with Mary Lin Elementary Kindergartners

Have you ever heard an author read their work? How about in person? Do you remember how old you were? Students at Mary Lin Elementary school can answer these questions easily – Yes; Yes; and five years-old, while in my kindergarten class.

Author Lauryn Marie Burks
Author Lauryn Marie Burks

Lauryn Marie Burks visited the school and read her book, My 100 Hands, to kindergartners at Mary Lin. The experience was a life-changing one for many of the students. Particularly, because Ms. Burks is only eight herself. In Atlanta, from outside of Cincinnati for the AJC Decatur Book Festival, Lauryn, her parents and her little brother visited Mary Lin.

Mary Lin Elementary Principal Sharon Briscoe said when contacted about the idea, she was excited. “Lauryn’s father reached out to us, and I thought that she might be an inspiration to our younger students and help them make the connection between the writing they do in class and how it could be turned into a book.”

Ms. Briscoe’s wishes were granted. From questions like, “Who helped you,” to “How long did it take,” the students peppered Lauryn with questions about how she made the book. My 100 Hands is about a little girl who when asked about her parents to get ready in the morning, wished she had 100 hands to help her do everything. Lauryn also asked the students questions about their mornings and if they felt as if they needed 100 hands sometimes.

According to kindergarten teacher, Ms. Mariposa Arillo, “the kids loved it.” They “are at the age where they are incredibly impressionable – all positive exposure really helps them in the right direction,” said Ms. Arillo. She said the timing was perfect because her class is studying books and what makes a book.

Author Lauryn Marie Burks featured with Mary Lin Principal Sharyn Briscoe (second, left) and Burks' family.
Author Lauryn Marie Burks (center) featured with Mary Lin Principal Sharyn Briscoe (second, left) and Burks’ family.

To find out more about Lauryn and her books, visit .

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