Grady High Junior Caylin Newton Inspired By Big Brother Cam

Caylin Newton2
Grady High School junior Caylin Newton receives inspiration from his big brother Cam, superstar quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

By Alicia Sands Lurry

To most people, Caylin Newton will always be football superstar Cam Newton’s little brother.

Yet the Grady High School junior is quick to tell anyone that his big brother remains the same person who played jokes on him as a kid.

“It’s just like it was when I was 4 years old,” said 17-year-old Caylin, a starting quarterback on Grady’s football team, with a smile. “Nothing has changed. Cam was always playful. When we were playing video games, he’d give me a controller without batteries. He made me cry, and he took my candy.”

What has changed is that Cam will make his first appearance in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, Feb. 7, as the star quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. Beaming with brotherly pride, Caylin is eager to see Cam win his first Super Bowl championship, and can’t wait to cheer him on to victory.

“It’s hard not to like Cam,” Caylin said. “He gives so much to people, like the balls he gives to kids at games. He wants to be a blessing to someone else. The look you see on kids’ faces when they get a ball, that’s the best.”

A self-assured, confident young man, Caylin hopes to follow in his famous brother’s footsteps by creating big moves of his own on the football field. At 5 feet 11 inches and 180 pounds, Caylin is not your typical quarterback. Despite being born with a condition known as blount’s disease that affects the bones of the lower leg and causes them to bow outward, Caylin led the Grady High football team to an impressive 8-4 season and second round in the state playoffs.

Caylin Newton1
Caylin is a starting quarterback on Grady High School’s football team.

Caylin said he likes showing people what he can do.

“My balance is good, and my spin move is crazy,” said Caylin, who dreams of playing professional football. “My legs go left and my body goes right. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. I don’t run like everyone else, but I’m comfortable knowing that I am just as good. For me, it’s not about what my legs look like or what I look like to other people. I focus on making myself proud no matter what.”

Grady High football coach Earthwind Moreland described Caylin as a natural leader who is determined to make a name for himself.

“He’s a special kid who works really hard,” Coach Moreland said. “As a rising senior, he’s a three-year varsity starting quarterback, and that’s kind of rare. Now, he’s carving his own niche. He’s not just Cam Newton’s little brother. He’s Caylin Newton.”


Caylin Newton2
Caylin has dreams of following in his big brother’s footsteps.

Caylin_Coach Moreland 3

Caylin and Grady Head Football Coach Earthwind Moreland.







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