Inman Middle School Captures First Place in Debate Championship


IMS Debate Team
Students from the Samuel Martin Inman Middle School Debate Team captured first place at the Atlanta Urban Debate Tournament. They are now headed to the city tournament on March 19.

By: Alicia Sands Lurry

Congratulations are in order for the Samuel Martin Inman Middle School Debate Team. On Saturday, Feb. 6, the team captured first place at the Atlanta Urban Debate Tournament, which was held at Westlake High School.

Of the six debate tournaments held this year, Inman has placed first in four of the competitions.

The team will now head to the city tournament on Tuesday, March 5, at Emory University, followed by the state tournament on March 19 at Georgia State University.

Inman Debate Coach Jane Moore said she is proud of her students.

“The Debate Team is a great way for students to not only present their arguments verbally, but research, weigh evidence, and write speeches,” Moore said. “Debate is a wonderful way to support the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts. This year, students are debating whether or not the United States should change the government surveillance program. All of the debaters throughout the city are regularly researching and talking about the fourth amendment, the right to privacy, and current events. It has been amazing.”

Eighth-grader Rachel Bowdler loves being a member of the Inman Debate Team.

“Debate is more than fighting with words,” she said. “It’s fighting with words with a team.”




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