APS Sends 26 Projects to Regional Social Studies Fair

Atlanta Public Schools honored its Social Studies Fair award-winning students during a ceremony Thursday evening at Frederick Douglass High School’s Dr. Lester W. Butts Auditorium. A total of 26 projects scored high enough to qualify for the regional competition, scheduled for March 5.

By Seth Coleman

Atlanta Public Schools celebrated some of its best and brightest scholars in grades five through 12 Thursday evening during its annual District-wide Social Studies Fair Awards ceremony, held in the Dr. Lester W. Butts Auditorium on the campus of Frederick Douglass High School.

Projects were divided into four classes based on grade levels:  Class I, grades 5-6; Class II, grades 7-8; Class III, grades 9-10; and Class IV, grades 11-12.

A total of 57 students from 14 schools were honored for the 33 projects that were highlighted during the ceremony. Projects were graded during school-based social studies fairs last month using a strict set of criteria and a 100-point scale.

The 26 projects that earned scores of 90 or above qualified for the regional social studies fair, scheduled for March 5 at Lake Ridge Elementary School in Clayton County. Five projects earned perfect scores of 100 and were deemed “Best In Fair,” while eight projects earned scores of 99 to 97 and were awarded “First, Second or Third In Fair” honors. A total of 13 projects won “Best, First, Second, Third or Fourth In Fair” by earning scores of 90 to 96.

“I wish there were events like this that gave out big trophies for academics when I was your age,” said Fulton County Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams, who served as the keynote speaker for the ceremony. “Usually, to win trophies that size you have to play a sport or be in the band. Being on a team or playing in the band is good. I was in the band. But I’m so happy to be part of an event like this that honors students for academics.”

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams gives words of wisdom to the APS Social Studes Fair Award winners during a ceremony at Douglass High School’s Dr. Lester W. Butts Auditorium.

To view all winners, click here 2016SocialStudiesFairWinners.



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