Dobbs Elementary School Program Bridges the Gap Between Education and Opportunity

By Donovan Harris

“The power is in your hands. You are their first teacher. Education starts at home.”

These are the wise words of Peyton Rhone, secretary at Dobbs Elementary School, as she led an introductory meeting for parents at the Kids Matter 21st Century AfterSchool Program at Dobbs on Monday, Aug. 15.

Unlike typical after-school childcare services, Kids Matter offers a two-fold program where parents are also empowered and educated alongside their children through workshops that deal with bullying, as well as cooking and parent-student painting classes. The parents involved in this program receive an all-around support group experience.


Kids Matter also offers a GED Preparation program for its parents.

“If our parents commit to these GED Preparation classes that we offer here, they are guaranteed to pass the GED test.”, Ms. Rhone proclaimed.

Rhone is a testament to this program. Thanks to the partnership between the National Center for Families Learning and Toyota, Rhone was able to receive her GED and later become a college graduate.

“A family that learns together, excels together,” she said. “I have seen that in my own life and through the lives of my children.”

Throughout the evening, Rhone emphasized to parents that receiving her GED opened many “unimaginable” doors. She shared that her GED led her to  a job that ultimately aligned with her passion.

“Having my GED made it that much easier to achieve my goals,” she said.

The Kids Matter parent kickoff will be held at Dobbs Elementary School on Saturday, Sept. 17. at 9 a.m.

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