Opening the Doors to Knowledge: Carver Students Participate in Library Card Drive



Students at Carver High School sign up to receive library cards as part of their school’s recent library card drive.

Reading opens the doors to knowledge, and students at the New Schools at Carver are walking right through, thanks to a recent public library card drive to help increase their access to print and electronic resources beyond the school’s walls.

Christina Rand, public librarian at the newly opened Southeast Library on Pryor Road in Atlanta, conducted the drive in conjunction with Linda Green, media specialist at Carver.

According to Green, 120 students who had never owned a library card participated in the drive.

“Possessing a library card broadens students’ access to resources,” Green said. “Students can now read magazines online through the Atlanta Fulton Public Library’s new magazine portals, Flipster and Zinio, and they can read e-books and watch movies through the portal Hoopla. They’ll also have access to many databases, and are welcome to come in and check out their favorite books.”

In addition to increasing students’ access to print and electronic resources, Green noted that Carver students can now take advantage of two new public libraries in the Carver community.

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