APS Students Celebrate Hispanic and Latino Culture in Grand Style

By:Donovan Harris

¡Viva la cultura! Numerous schools throughout Atlanta Public Schools celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month in “grand style” in a variety of creative, fun and innovative ways to commemorate Hispanic and Latino culture.

Hispanic Heritage Month was officially signed into legislation as a nationally-recognized month (celebrated from October 15- September 15) in 2004 to promote the accomplishments of Hispanic Americans.

Twenty two Grady High School students visited Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to attend the airport’s annual Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. This year’s theme, “Preserving Culture through Leadership,” allowed students to meet prominent Hispanic-American business leaders.

Grady High School students in conversation with Hispanic-American business leaders at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Parents and students at Hutchinson Elementary celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with their “Taste of Hispanic Heritage” event by bringing in traditional Hispanic dishes such as carne asada, arroz con leche and flautas to share amongst the faculty and staff.

Similarly, Garden Hills Elementary’s parents and students held an “International Dinner” which included music, students and staff members performing traditional Colombian and Mexican dances.

The vibrancy of the rich Hispanic and Latino culture is alive and well in the Atlanta Public Schools. Schools throughout the district continue to celebrate the diversity of the faculty, staff, students and communities that Atlanta Public Schools serves throughout the school year.

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