Grady High School Speech and Debate Team Clinch Tournament Championship

By: Alicia Sands Lurry

With the Halloween spirit in full effect, members of the Henry W. Grady High School Jesters Speech and Debate Team served up some spooktacular performances this past weekend while competing and clinching the championship at the Warner Robbins High School Spooky Speech and Debate Tournament.

With some speakers in costume, the ghoulish Jesters proved frightful to the competition. Here are the results:

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Katherine Esterl, CHAMPION; Katherine Esterl, 1st Place Speaker; Emma Harmon, 4th Place Speaker

Novice Public Forum Debate: Jordan Thomas and Neil Barry, CHAMPIONS; Gerald Robison and Jack Stelegman, 2nd Place; Charlie Toole and Miles Pearlstein, 3rd Place; 2nd Speaker Jordan Thomas; 4th Speaker, Neil Barry; Miles Pearlstein, 5th Speaker; Gerald Robison, 6th Speaker; Jack Stelegman, 7th Speaker; Charlie Toole, 8th Speaker

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Reid Barry, 2nd Place;  Louis Cameli, 3rd place

Varsity Public Forum Debate: Bailey Damiani and Harper Gambill, CHAMPIONS; Corwin Robison and Eddie Belle, 3rd place; Harper Gambill, 5th Speaker Corwin Robison, 7th Speaker;

Program Oral Interpretation: Liliana Chanler, CHAMPION; 2nd Place, Sophie Rivard; 3rd Place, Taylor Jackson

Original Oratory: Robert Weimar, CHAMPION; Franky Fernandez, 2nd Place;  Harrison Gray, 3rd Place

Impromptu Speaking: Gregory Fedorov, CHAMPION; Theo Weimar, 2nd Place; Sam Lombardo, 4th Place; Quinn Preston; 6th Place; Eric Slovensky; 7th Place

Extemporaneous Speaking: Sam Lombardo, CHAMPION; Gregory Fedorov, 2nd Place; Robert Weimar, 3rd Place; Sophie Rivard, 4th Place; Franky Fernandez, 5th Place; Sophie Rivard, 4th Place; Harrison Gray, 6thth Place   

Humorous Interpretation: Hope Hawkins, 2nd Place

Dramatic Interpretation: Olivia Hunter, 2nd Place

Duo Interpretation: Joe Earles and Olivia Hunter, CHAMPION

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