APS Inclusive Schools Week: Meet Champion of Inclusion Curtis Douglass


Atlanta Public Schools salutes North Atlanta High School Principal Curtis Douglass, as a 2016 Champion of Inclusion!

Curtis Douglass’ passion for providing students with disabilities opportunities is rooted in his work as a former special education teacher on both the elementary and high school levels. Both the Grady Hospital Program and Bridges from School to Work Program have partnered with North Atlanta High School to provide work force services to persons with disabilities.  Under the leadership of Douglass, the school has also supported the Special Olympics Unified Sports Program. The Special Olympics Unified Sports is an initiative that combines  Special Olympics athletes and athletes without intellectual disabilities (called partners) on sports teams for training and competition.


Atlanta Public Schools deeply appreciates Mr. Curtis Douglass’ advocacy for students with disabilities.

Atlanta Public Schools joins school districts and communities around the world in celebrating Inclusive Schools Week (ISW) December 5-9, with events and activities in classrooms, schools and communities to raise awareness of educational practices that reach students with disabilities or have diverse backgrounds. This year’s theme is “Champions of Inclusion: POWerful Things Happen in Inclusive Schools.”


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