Once, Twice, Three Times a Scholar at Carver Early College

From Left to Right: Erico Corbett, Tiye Ridley and Dontavious Martin

Three Carver Early College High School seniors Erico Corbett, Tiye Ridley and Dontavious Martin, have been awarded the 2017 Horatio Algers Scholarship.

The Horatio Algers Scholarship program is one of the nation’s largest need-based college scholarship programs that support recipients who have exhibited exceptional determination, integrity and perseverance while overcoming life’s adversities.

Erico Corbett will be the first person in his family to attend college. He plans to major in business administration or public policy at the University of Oregon. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a career in corporate America as a real estate investor.

Tiye Ridley, who is also hold the title “Mr. Carver Early College (2016-17)”, will attend his dream school, Morehouse College. He plans to study sports medicine and work as a physician or orthopedic surgeon.

Dontavious Martin is an aspiring pediatrician who plans to attend Valdosta State University. Martin was motivated to attend college by his older sister stating, “watching her obtain scholarships, graduate from college and now enter medical school has been my constant source of inspiration.”

Atlanta Public Schools congratulates the Carver Early College distinguished 2017 Horatio Algers Scholarship recipients!


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