Office of Safety and Security Launches New Program to Expose Students to Careers

By: Alicia Sands Lurry

The Atlanta Public Schools Police Department, in partnership with APS schools and members of the Atlanta business community, will launch its new APSPD Exploring Program this fall.

Thanks to a recent $5,000 donation and another pledge of $5,000 from the American Federation of State, Federal, County and Municipal Employees Association (AFSCME), APS students will soon be exposed to various professions to enable them to make responsible decisions about career choices.

The donation will specifically pay for memberships of students and officers in the APSPD program. While the typical police exploring programs focus on law enforcement, the APS program will expand its focus to other careers outside of the law enforcement arena.

“We want our students to have exposure to real-world experiences that will give them healthy choices to become their best selves in whatever career they choose,” said Dr. Marquenta S. Hall, executive director of the Office of Safety and Security. “We believe as role models, we can influence students’ choices through relationships with others who want to support student success from a holistic perspective. Our Exploring Program is one-of-a kind and the first program we have chosen to embrace because it aligns with our social and emotional framework.”

The initial launch will begin at John Lewis Invictus Academy, as well as Long, Sutton, King and Bunche middle schools, with school resource officers serving as the program leads.

For more information, or to support the program, please contact Atlanta Public Schools Police Chief Ronald Applin at ext. 2177, or at

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