National School Bus Safety Week: Meet Vincent Parks, Master Technician

By: Alicia Sands Lurry

In recognition of National School Bus Safety Week, the following feature is part of a series of short articles highlighting Atlanta Public Schools Transportation Department employees and their commitment to keep students safe – both on and off the school bus.

Vincent Parks, Master technician

NBSW 2017_Vincent Parks

As a master technician, Vincent Parks’ responsibilities range from managing a team of six mechanics and ensuring school buses and seat belts are maintained, to addressing mechanical issues and guaranteeing national safety standards are met.

It is a role that Parks said he truly enjoys.

“My team and I want to make sure kids are picked up and get home safely,” Parks said. “The goal is to make sure kids arrive home safely and that everything works properly. It’s great to know that you’re doing something important and allowing someone’s child to arrive home safely. That makes me feel good.”

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s feature, which will profile Bus monitor Jaketa Watkins.


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