M. Agnes Jones Elementary School’s Literacy Initiative Gets a Big Boost from Georgia-Pacific

MAJ and GP staff
Georgia-Pacific has provided all 547 students at M. Agnes Jones Elementary School with a “lit kit” filled with books, school supplies and flash cards. Students received their bags at the monthly honors assembly on Friday.

Agnes Jones Elementary School was “lit” on Friday afternoon … literally!

Thanks to community partner Georgia-Pacific, all 547 students at the school received a personalized “lit kit” during its monthly honors assembly, held on the last Friday of each month. Each kit includes several books, based on the student’s interests, flash cards and various school supplies. The kits, created by members of the sales team at Georgia-Pacific, were placed in white shopping bags and decorated for each individual student.MAJ students get Lit Bags

The “lit kit” distribution marked the official kickoff of M. Agnes Jones’ drive to improve the reading proficiency rates of its students, said Principal Dr. Margul Woolfolk.

MAJ students with Lit Bags“We want to help foster a love of reading in our students, so that they will want to read more,” Dr. Woolfolk said. “The more they read, the more their comprehension and proficiency will increase. We’re so grateful to Georgia-Pacific for their support in helping us reach our goals.”

Literacy T-shirt

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