Dr. Evelyn Mobley Named Georgia Association for Alternative Education 2017-2018 Administrator of the Year


The Georgia Association for Alternative Education (GAAE) recognized Atlanta Public Schools’ Dr. Evelyn Mobley as the 2017 recipient of the Administrator of the Year Award during its recent conference.  Mobley is the principal of West End Academy Performance Learning Center, a non-traditional program addressing the needs of at-risk students.

The honor recognizes a GAAE member who demonstrates exemplary performance in managing school programs, provides strong support for the school management, makes a commitment to educational quality and student achievement and provides overall innovation and exceptional leadership.

“I am honored to receive this recognition as Administrator of the Year. This award validates the work of an exemplary alternative setting and speaks to the commitment of the teachers and staff at the West End Academy,” said Mobley. “The award belongs to the school, parents, and community partners and organizations such as Communities In School, Atlanta Families, Under the Track Barbers, Butterfly Girls, United Way, the Mayors Youth Office, and of course Atlanta Public Schools.”

Mobley said alternative settings are equipped to comprehensively educate students with basic needs, behavioral interventions, family engagement, and academic assistance. West End Academy strives to be flexible in its organization and administration and provides curriculum elements that focus on improving student self-esteem, fostering the growth of individuality, and enhancing SEL social skills.

Mobley said commitment is the key factor for the success of the students and the program. One of her favorite quotes by author Tony Robbins affirms, “There is no abiding success without commitment.”

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