APS Recognizes Atlanta Board of Education Members During School Board Appreciation Week March 12-16

(From L-R) Atlanta Board of Education Members Leslie Grant, District 1; Byron D. Amos, District 2; Michelle D. Olympiadis, District 3; Vice-Chair Eshé P. Collins, District 6; Board Chair Jason F. Esteves, At-Large, Seat 9 (Districts 5&6); Nancy M. Meister, District 4; Erika Mitchell, District 5; Kandis Wood Jackson, At-Large, Seat 7 (Districts 1&2) and Cynthia Briscoe Brown, At-Large, Seat 8 (Districts 3&4). Photo Credit: APS

ATLANTA – Atlanta Public Schools honors members of the Atlanta Board of Education (ABOE) during School Board Appreciation Week, March 12-16, 2018, for their commitment to providing a quality education for the students they serve. This week celebrates the substantial contributions of the local boards of education.

The ABOE is made up of nine members representing six geographical areas and three “at-large” districts. The school board members are responsible for establishing and approving the educational policies that govern the Atlanta Public Schools system. As community leaders, school board members serve as advocates for the children in local public schools and must study, evaluate and decide what actions are in the best interest of those students.

Jason F. Esteves, At-Large Seat 9, Districts 5&6, serves as the chair of the board, and the current vice chair is Eshe’ P. Collins, District 6. Other members of the ABOE include:

  • Leslie Grant, District 1
  • Byron D. Amos, District 2
  • Michelle D. Olympiadis, District 3
  • Nancy Meister, District 4
  • Erika Mitchell, District 5
  • Kandis Wood Jackson, At-Large, Seat 7 (Districts 1&2)
  • Cynthia Briscoe Brown, At-Large, Seat 8 (Districts 3&4)

Not only do members of the Atlanta school board serve on behalf of their respective geographical districts, ABOE members also serve on various board committees such as:

  • Accountability Committee – Jason Esteves, Eshe’ P. Collins and Kandis Wood Jackson
  • Audit Committee – Leslie Grant (Chair), Eshe’ P. Collins, and Michelle Olympiadis
  • Budget Committee – Nancy Meister (Chair), Byron Amos, Michelle Olympiadis and Jason Esteves (Ex Officio)
  • Policy Review Committee – Cynthia Briscoe Brown (Chair), Kandis Wood Jackson, Erika Mitchell and Jason Esteves (Ex Officio)
  • Legislative Liaisons – Byron Amos and Kandis Wood Jackson (2018-2019)

Additionally, members of the ABOE represent the district on the boards of several external organizations from the National School Boards Association, the Council of Urban Boards of Education to the Council of Great City Schools and Invest Atlanta. School Board Appreciation Week is sponsored by the Georgia School Boards Association.



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