Brown Middle School Named a CFES School of Distinction

Brown Middle School CFES School of Distintion

Brown Middle School has been recognized as a School of Distinction by CFES (College For Every Student) Brilliant Pathways. This honor acknowledges the development and execution of an exemplary plan for the entire student body to become college and career ready through the CFES core practices of Essential Skills, Mentoring and Pathways to College and Career.

In addition to being among 27 schools across the United States and Ireland to receive the honor, Brown Middle School is the only CFES School of Distinction at Atlanta Public Schools.

In order to be considered for the School of Distinction title, a school must fulfill a meticulous and varied set of criteria. These include implementing innovative programs throughout the school to advance college and career readiness, as well as including family members and the community in school activities.

“It is truly an honor to be one of the first middle schools to be recognized as CFES Brilliant Pathways School of Distinction,” Principal Tiauna Crooms. “We are appreciative of Mr. Scott Pioli, assistant general manager for the Atlanta Falcons and Ms. Andrea McDonald, CFES director of programs, and their commitment to support our students in preparing them to create a road map for success, which is college and career readiness.”

As part of one of the activities designed by CFES, 20 Brown Middle School students led 400 of their peers through Essential Skills workshops. This peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge about goal setting, teamwork, leadership, perseverance, agility and networking allowed students to hold each other accountable and engrained these skills into the school-wide culture.

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