Georgia Power Brings Backpacks and PowerTOWN Safety Program to Dunbar ES

Georgia Power Employees donated more than 250 backpacks to Dunbar students and presented them during an interactive electrical safety program. 

First, third, and fifth graders from Dunbar Elementary School learned the “power” of earning Class Dojo points during their recent surprise visit by Georgia Power.  Georgia Power employees wanted to give back to students and provide a special in-school field trip and free backpacks filled with treats to a special group of students. Georgia Power selected Dunbar and brought its award-winning electrical safety education program, PowerTOWN, a crew of real-life electrical technicians and an electrical work truck to the school to teach these students important lessons about electrical safety.

Through a partnership with Purposity, a non-profit donation portal, Georgia Power employees purchased more than 250 backpacks.  Georgia Power brought the backpacks to Dunbar along with their engaging presentation which includes a model to demonstrate real-life scenarios, involving electricity, such as downed power lines, and explains how to stay safe in these situations.

“The students were in awe of the demonstration and I know that by Georgia Power being here, students’ interest in careers in engineering or working at Georgia Power was sparked (pun intended),” said Ernest Sessoms, principal of Dunbar.

The morning kicked off outside with the electrical truck extending 100 feet in the air.   After the truck demonstration, students learned about the safe use of electric power and tips for being safe around transformers and downed power lines.

“Georgia Power is pleased to partner with Atlanta Public Schools, Dunbar, and Purposity,” said Larry Vincent, Atlanta Area Manager, Georgia Power Company. “Our employees wanted to give back and found an easy way to do this through APS. Along with the backpacks we wanted to bring the PowerTOWN electrical safety program to teach students about the importance of electrical safety and how to respond in a variety of situations around electricity.”

Partnerships provide key support to schools in Atlanta Public Schools.  “At Dunbar, we are grateful for all the partners and the experiences and resources they provide to help our students be ready for college and career,” said Sessoms.

View a video recap of the day here.

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