National School Lunch Week Menu Offered ‘A World of Possibilities’

Nutrition Week Peyton Forest
Peyton Forest Elementary celebrated National School Lunch Week with a Strong 4 Life pep rally

The APS Nutrition Department celebrated National School Lunch Week on October 15-19 with “A World of Possibilities,” a themed menu featuring cuisine from around the world.

On Monday, Oct. 15, students fueled their week with classic American fare, followed by Taco Tuesday on Oct. 16,  marinara and locally grown kale and apple salad on Oct. 17,  Asian cuisine on Oct. 18 and all-time student favorites on Oct. 19.  The weeklong celebration reminds us that a delicious and healthy school lunch will power students throughout the week.

In partnership with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Peyton Forest Elementary School hosted a school-wide Strong 4 Life pep rally on Oct. 16. This exciting event showed students that it’s fun to eat healthy while being active each day.

“Nutrition and fitness is an aspect of student development that cannot be ignored,” said Principal Cynthia Gunner. “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. It is the key to ensuring we are producing healthy, well-rounded adults. The Strong 4 Life initiative is a great way to ignite excitement about nutrition with our students!”

For more information about APS Nutrition and daily menu offerings, visit and follow APS Nutrition on Twitter @APSNutritionNOW

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