#APSRace2Read Winner’s Podium (Our Top 10 by Day 10!)


Nov. 16 marked Day 10 of our district-wide literacy campaign APS Race2Read: The 2 Million Minutes Challenge. Four schools have already crossed the finish line, and other schools are closing in quickly! Drum roll, please … 

  1. Crossing the finish line on Nov. 9 and taking the Gold is Cleveland Avenue Elementary School (South Atlanta Cluster)! Students have more than tripled their school goal of 15,773 minutes with 50,680 minutes logged (and counting).
  2. Crossing the finish line on Nov. 14 and taking the Silver is F. L. Stanton Elementary School (Douglass Cluster)! Students have more than doubled their school goal of 12,943 minutes with 25,229 minutes logged (and counting).
  3. Crossing the finish line on the morning of Nov. 15 and taking the Bronze is Fickett Elementary School (Therrell Cluster)! Students have exceeded their school goal of 24,588 minutes by nearly double with 41,556 minutes logged (and counting).
  4. Crossing the finish line on the afternoon of Nov. 15 and taking fourth-place honors is Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy (Washington Cluster)! Students soared pass their school goal of 30,804 minutes with 45,823 minutes logged (and counting).

Individual school goals were calculated based on full-time enrollment. 

Which schools will cross the finish line next? Morris Brandon Elementary students are closing in with 75 percent of their school goal met, followed by M. Agnes Jones Elementary at 60 percent,  Cascade Elementary School at 57 percent, Sarah Smith Elementary at 56 percent, Finch Elementary School at 49 percent, and Sylvan Middle School leading the way for grades 6-8 at 44 percent of its goal.  

Congratulations to our top 10 schools leading the Race2Read! 

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Through #APSRace2Read, we’re raising the bar for reading as students, staff, parents and community partners race to read a collective goal of 2 million minutes, and cross the finish line by the end of the 2018-2019 academic year. ​Learn more and log your minutes at www.beanstack.com/race2read.

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