#APSRace2Read: 2 Million Minutes Met As 30 Schools Cross the Finish Line

In just shy of six weeks since the launch of our district-wide reading challenge APS Race2Read, 30 schools have crossed the finish line, and Atlanta Public Schools has surpassed our original 2 million minutes reading goal!

Congratulations to every Race2Read participant who has helped us reach and surpass 2 million minutes. In the new year, we will announce a new goal. First, let’s acknowledge the schools who led the race in logged minutes and overall participation.

The following schools have crossed the finish line, meeting individual school goals. (New goals will be set in the new year.)

SchoolLogged minutes as of Dec. 20
Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy213,430
Sarah Smith Elementary School203,026
Deerwood Academy 163,464
Morris Brandon Elementary School148,406
Morningside Elementary School144,176
Jackson Elementary School135,681
Sylvan Hills Middle School117,914
Miles Elementary School108,965
Garden Hills Elementary School99,693
Mary Lin Elementary School94,577
Springdale Park Elementary School80,726
Fickett Elementary School78,138
Finch Elementary School63,846
Fred A. Toomer Elementary School60,794
Humphries Elementary School56,377
Boyd Elementary School54,420
Cleveland Avenue Elementary School48,541
Frank L. Stanton Elementary School 46,411
Perkerson Elementary School45,267
Woodson Park Academy45,209
Continental Colony Elementary School44,537
Usher-Collier Elementary School41,737
Hutchinson Elementary School40,811
Crawford W. Long Middle School38,606
M. Agnes Jones Elementary School37,591
Barack and Michelle Obama Academy34,394
Kimberly Elementary School26,066
West Manor Elementary School25,766
Beecher Hills Elementary School24,975
Benteen Elementary School19,815

The following schools are currently leading the District with overall participation.

School% of participants
Humphries Elementary School99.66%
Finch Elementary School96.56%
Fred A. Toomer Elementary School 94.90%
Cleveland Avenue Elementary School81.21%
Morris Brandon Elementary School75.05%
Sarah Smith Elementary School72.60%
West Manor Elementary School70.63%
Benteen Elementary School65.91%
Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy64.85%
Boyd Elementary School62.85%

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