Nine Authors/Illustrators at Fickett Elementary Publish Picture Books

Meet the Young Authors (top to bottom, left to right): John Ethan Drake, Dalena Carroll, Brooklyn Stowers, Kemina Lane, Israel Wray, Kai Hankerson, Da’lilah Street, Deandra Byrd and Ashton Dious.

Fickett Elementary School has nurtured nine new authors, who both wrote and illustrated their very own picture books.

  • Deandra Byrd, author/illustrator “The Mystery of Maria,” wants to be an artist and an author.
  • Dalena Carroll, author/illustrator of “My Awesome Magnificent Totally Cool Life,” wants to be a writer.
  • Ashton Dious author/illustrator of “Creepy Night on Rux Road,” wants to be a professional basketball player.
  • John Ethan Drake, author/illustrator of “Aoura,” wants to be an architect.
  • Kai Hankerson, author/illustrator of “Anggie’s Galaxy Academy,” wants to be a lawyer.
  • Kemina Lane, author/illustrator of “Confessions of a Smart Kid,” wants to be a cake artist and an art teacher.
  • Brooklyn Stowers, author/illustrator of “The Evil Eyelash Queen’s World of Weird Things,” wants to be a fashion designer.
  • Da’lilah Street, author/illustrator of “The Mystery of Mr. Hinestein,” wants to be a cardiologist.
  • Israel Wray, author/illustrator of “Pepe the Frog and the Beanstalk,” wants to be a teacher.

Creative writing teacher Julillian Davis recruited students in September and met with the young authors every day from October to December to polish their manuscripts. On Jan. 25, the nine young authors debuted their work in a panel discussion and book signing at Fickett Elementary School.

“Today exceeded my expectations,” Davis said. “It was everything I imagined and more, so I am excited to continue the program and be able to provide this experience to more students.”

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  1. So proud of them all!! Astonishing black excellence🌟 Also proud to be Da’lilahs mom!!!😊
    Great job FICKETT! GO TROJANS!

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