Burlington Coats Deerwood Academy Teachers with $10,000 For School Supplies

Burlington Camp Creek’s Store Manager Tiaera Worthy and Assistant Store Manager Meme Obong presented a $10,000 to Deerwood Academy Principal Camisha Perry.

They’re more than great coats. On March 7, Burlington Stores, Inc., through its partnership with AdoptAClassroom.org, surprised Deerwood Academy faculty with a $10,000 donation in celebration of its new store in the nearby Camp Creek Marketplace.

Representatives from Burlington Stores presented the check to Deerwood Principal Camisha Perry during an assembly in front of a gym full of students and enthusiastic teachers.

“If you’re in the neighborhood you should be a part of the neighborhood,” said Tiaera Worthy, Burlington Stores Inc. store manager. “That’s a reason why I love Burlington because they give back all the time. We’ve heard awesome things about Deerwood. I believe two of our associates have students at Deerwood, so we chose Deerwood because it was very personal to our location.”

The funds will be divided among all classroom teachers, who will use their individual allotments to purchase school supplies and equipment via AdoptAClassroom.org.

“Teachers always – daily, monthly — go into their own pockets and purchase things for their classrooms, for their students in need,” Principal Perry said. “Whatever is needed, a teacher is going to make sure that students have it. So, for Burlington to choose Deerwood to make this donation so teachers can go on Adopt A Classroom and get what they need for their classroom to support their scholars, it just means the world to us. We’re so excited and so grateful and thankful for Burlington for this opportunity.”

Relocating from Greenbriar Mall, Burlington will have its grand opening in Camp Creek on Friday, March 15, with community festivities on Saturday, March 16.

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