Grady’s G3 Robotics Team Wins FIRST District Chairman’s Award

Yes, it’s true!! – Grady’s G3 Robotics team competed this weekend in a Georgia FIRST Robotics competition held in Gainesville, Ga, and ended the evening by advancing to the quarterfinals and winning the District Chairman’s Award. The Chairman’s Award is the highest and most prestigious award a FIRST Robotics team can earn.  This year, G3 encompassed FIRST’s theme – Travel to the Outer Limits by venturing into a territory no other FIRST team has ever journeyed!  This was accomplished through community outreach and partnering with FOCUS & Fragile Kids. G3 included students with disabilities and engaged them with enriching STEM activities.

Additionally, the G3 team fully embodied the goals and mission of FIRST which are: Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun.

The team looks forward to continued partnership with FOCUS to further promote inclusion in G3 Robotics and competing in Columbus, GA on March 21-23!

Way to go, G3!!

Special Thanks to Sarah from FOCUS!

Dr. Craig Ogden, Head Coach

Ms. Kimberly Walkerportee, Assistant Coach

Ms. Beverly Hayles, Assistant Coach

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