#APSRace2Read Top Readers in the District

Collectively, we have read 5,643,961 minutes and counting! Below are our #APSRace2Read performance highlights (calculated as of March 13).

Top Student Readers

Ayushi Kirtane4Morris Brandon 42,535
Christian Brewster2Deerwood Academy21,754
Mohamed Diallo2Deerwood Academy17,202
Summer Amey4Miles Elementary16,964
Ella Sipe6 Sutton Middle 14,665
Ja’Courion Harden3Thomasville Heights14,413
Dominique Kendall7Sylvan Middle 14,411
Zacheri Dixon5Finch Elementary14,206
Keelin LaHiff6Sutton Middle12,325
Devin Cottrell11Grady High12,080

Top Schools

These are our 10 top-performing schools in terms of total minutes logged since the #APSRace2Read campaign launched last November.

Springdale Park Elementary316,638
Sutton Middle314,806
Morningside Elementary273,388
Sarah Smith Elementary270,979
Morris Brandon Elementary 246,699
Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy232,128
Inman Middle231,580
Miles Elementary226,015
Deerwood Academy 214,957
Grady High 209,705

Top Schools Making Progress

SThese are our top 10 schools with the most minutes logged over the past two weeks (Feb. 27 – March 13, 2019).

Heritage Academy29,322
Long Middle 29,070
Garden Hills Elementary26,376
Sutton Middle25,445
South Atlanta High21,373
Grady High19,002
Inman Middle18,421
Benteen Elementary17,859
Toomer Elementary16,812
Miles Elementary16,724

Top School Participation

SThese are our top 10 performing schools in terms of overall student participation.

Humphries Elementary99.01%
Long Middle95.51%
Toomer Elementary94.98%
Finch Elementary93.59%
West Manor Elementary84.86%
Morris Brandon Elementary77.45%
Cleveland Elementary74.93%
Benteen Elementary74.41%
Sarah Smith Elementary71.15%
Boyd Elementary68.63%

Top Adult Readers

Let’s not forget our top 10 APS staff, families and community members who are also reading and logging minutes toward our 13.1 million minutes goal!

NameMinutes Applied To:Minutes
Linda GreenCarver Early College9,482
Melissa Dandy WalkerAPS Central Office5,523
Victoria KoehlerPerkerson Elementary 4,340
Juliet WoodFred A. Toomer Elementary 3,565
Susan WaterburyCarver Early College2,910
Sherna PhillipsAPS Central Office2,271
Diane JacobiPerkerson Elementary 1,870
Rosalyn WashingtonAPS Central Office1,770
Janvette DickersonBeecher Hills Elementary1,765
LeTia JohnsonKindezi School at Old Fourth Ward1,590

On Nov. 6, 2018, Atlanta Public Schools launched our district-wide literacy campaign, #APSRace2Read – a challenge designed to encourage students, teachers, staff and parents to read daily and collectively reach 2 million minutes of reading by the end of the 2018-2019 academic year. In less than two months, APS surpassed our original 2 million minutes goal. So, we decided to raise the bar to 13.1 million minutes—the equivalent of a half marathon of reading! Our goal is to reach 13.1 million minutes by the start of the 2019-2020 school year. Minutes are logged at: www.beanstack.com/race2read.

Remember, #APSRace2Read is about free-choice reading. Read books, magazines, articles, scholarly papers, etc. Read, read, read — and log your minutes at www.beanstack.com/race2read to count toward our 13.1 million minutes goal!

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