#APSRace2Read – We’re half way to our 13.1 Million Minutes Goal!

Atlanta Public Schools is leaping into spring break at 50 percent of our 13.1 million minutes reading goal for APS Race2Read! Be sure to read and log your minutes during spring break, April 1-5.

Below are out top performing schools (as of March 26).

Top 10 Schools

SchoolLogged Minutes
1. Morris Brandon Elementary400,112
2. Sutton Middle 332,010
3. Springdale Park Elementary323,949
4. Morningside Elementary288,454
5. Sarah Smith Elementary282,598
6. John Lewis Academy264,436
7. Miles Elementary243,161
8. Inman Middle234,461
9. Grady High School231,020
10. Deerwood Academy231,006

Top Progress

SchoolMinutes Logged
in the past 2 weeks (3.12-3.26)
1. Finch Elementary 27,227
2. John Lewis Academy27,026
3. Morris Brandon Elementary22,568
4. Miles Elementary22,174
5. Grady High 21,630
6. Garden Hills Elementary20,262
7. Heritage Academy20,009
8. Boyd Elementary18,638
9. Long Middle17,533
10. Deerwood Academy15,781

About APS Race2Read: On Nov. 6, 2018, Atlanta Public Schools launched our district-wide literacy campaign, APSRace2Read. This challenge was designed to encourage students, teachers, staff and parents to read daily and collectively reach 2 million minutes of reading by the end of the 2018-2019 academic year. Since surpassing our original 2 million minutes goal in January, we have raised the bar to 13.1 million minutes—the equivalent of a half marathon of reading! Learn more about Race2Read and log your minutes at www.beanstack.com/race2read!

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