Long Middle School Students Create ‘Just Us’ Art Exhibit

Celebrating Black history isn’t reserved for the month of February. Seventh and eighth-grade art students at Long Middle School worked for several weeks to create “Just Us” — an art gallery on display through May 15 in the school’s atrium.

“The Black history exhibit at Long Middle school was set up museum style,” said Dr. Lisa Whittington, visual arts specialist. “The students and I were able to analyze each painting and put them in a category before we put the work up on display, so the exhibit will be more meaningful to the viewers.”

The gallery categories include Black Lives Matter, Black power, civil rights, and pre-civil rights.

“The large portraits of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were a team effort between students and teacher because we felt that a Black president has been a highlight of the struggles of African Americans,” Dr. Whittington said.

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