#APSRace2Read Update: Let’s Up the Momentum!

Yes, testing season is approaching. That means the District is reading more than ever! As you’re preparing for your 2019 Georgia Milestone Assessments, be sure to log all those minutes of reading to count towards our #APSRace2Read goal of 13.1 million minutes!

Below is a snapshot of how we are progressing (as of April 10).

Top 10 Schools

#APSRace2Read at Morris Brandon Elementary
SchoolMinutes Logged
Morris Brandon Elementary484,980
Sutton Middle 345,232
Springdale Park Elementary325,430
Morningside Elementary294,564
Sarah Smith Elementary288,596
John Lewis Invictus Academy264,529
Long Middle School253,257
Grady High School248,609
Miles Elementary245,827
Garden Hills Elementary235,095

Top 10 Making Progress

SchoolMinutes Logged (since March 26)
Long Middle School19,830
Morris Brandon Elementary19,210
Heritage Academy17,477
Grady High School17,409
Sutton Middle12,161
John Lewis Invictus Academy11,604
Garden Hills Elementary10,290
Usher-Collier Elementary8,029
Finch Elementary7,234
Morningside Elementary6,193

Top 10 Adult Readers

NameMinutes Applied ToMinutes Logged
Juliette JohnsonCSKYWLA14021
Jason MooreHutchinson Elementary12681
Eric CarpenterToomer Elementary11590
Linda GreenCentral Office10922
Oreta CampbellHumphries Elementary9470
Melissa Dandy WalkerCentral Office7898
Deanna HastyNorth Atlanta High7230
Leslie BadgerHutchinson Elementary5834
Ketchia WoodsHollis Innovation Academy5235
Victoria KoehlerCentral Office5010

About APS Race2Read: On Nov. 6, 2018, Atlanta Public Schools launched our district-wide literacy campaign, APSRace2Read. This challenge was designed to encourage students, teachers, staff and parents to read daily and collectively reach 2 million minutes of reading by the end of the 2018-2019 academic year. Since surpassing our original 2 million minutes goal in January, we have raised the bar to 13.1 million minutes—the equivalent of a half marathon of reading! Learn more about Race2Read and log your minutes at www.beanstack.com/race2read!

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