Tutor ATL Offers Free Expert Tutoring to All APS Students

These Sylvan Middle School students are finding great use for Tutor ATL.

Thanks to Tutor ATL, Atlanta Public Schools students have access to free expert tutoring at their fingertips!

Accessible via MyBackPack to all APS students, Tutor ATL offers live virtual tutoring sessions from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily in over 50 subject areas, including foreign language, AP American history, calculus and earth science.

“I use Tutor ATL because it is helpful when I’m doing homework,” said DeAndre Barber, a sixth grader at Sylvan Hills Middle School. “Say if I don’t understand something, all I have to do is type in what I’m learning in class and a tutor will pop up and tutor me through the lesson.”

The tutor network includes certified teachers, college professors, graduate students and professionals with master’s and doctorate degrees and Ivy League credentials.

“I use Tutor ATL because it helps me make up work at home that I’ve missed at school,” said Khaniya Bell, a sixth grader at Sylvan Hills Middle School. Khaniya says the one-on-one tutoring has often been more beneficial than in-class instruction.

Since launching in January 2019, over 1,000 students have used TutorATL for additional support in a variety of subject areas. Educational Technology Specialist Dominique’ Harbour says her sixth-grade daughter finds the service very useful.

“Any question she might have with homework, she just goes straight to Tutor ATL and they help her, giving her examples and even asking her questions about it to see if she really understood what the tutor was explaining to her,” Harbour said. “It is awesome!”

Some Tutor ATL highlights include:

  • On-demand help: Students can connect with a tutor in their chosen subject area for a one-to-one, real-time session in the Online Classroom. Students can connect to their favorite tutors anytime they’re online, or let Tutor ATL find the perfect tutor for their specific question.
  • Drop-off essay review: Students can upload their writing assignments and essay-writing tutors will respond to them in under 24 hours with detailed feedback.
  • Practice quizzes: Students can take a quiz in over a dozen subject areas to identify key skills they need to practice — then connect with a tutor for a personalized lesson.

Tutor ATL is a service of Public Broadcasting Atlanta, funded with generous support from Chick-fil-A Foundation and powered by Tutor.com.

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