APS Students Challenged to ‘Build A Better World’ in Minecraft

Atlanta Public Schools students across the District are invited to join the Minecraft: Education Building a Better World Challenge.

Hosted by the APS Department of Instructional Technology, the Minecraft challenge uses Microsoft software to engage students and provide a platform where they can tackle challenges creatively.

“Think of it as digital Legos,” said Tanika Vincent, instructional technology specialist. “Because it’s a creative game, the students can make their worlds as simple or outlandish as they like. The world could be something traditional with trees and a lawn, or something very high tech like a space craft or Game of Thrones world.”

Students who accept the challenge are asked to build a better world by reimagining a space in their school 100 years in the future, making the space more sustainable, accessible and inclusive.

This challenge can be completed in-class or at home, individually or in teams. Students can download Minecraft: Education Edition at aka.ms/meedownload and use their O365 account (accessed through MyBackpack) to log-in.

All submissions will be due by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 24, without exception.

Happy building!

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