#APSRace2Read Top Performers Surprised With Books, Bikes and Burritos

With 7,218,081+ minutes read and logged, we are heading into the summer at 56 percent of our new #APSRace2Read goal of 13.1 million minutes.

On May 17, the #APSRace2Read Prize Patrol squad delivered prizes to a few of our top student readers and schools! Each student reader who has read 2300 minutes or more (that’s 20 minutes of reading, 5 days a week since our race launched Nov. 6) will receive a special token courtesy of APS Media Services and Chipotle! Be on the look out during the last week of school.

In the meantime, let’s congratulate our top performers. Drum roll, please …

Most Participation!

Humphries Elementary School had nearly 100% participation in #APSRACE2Read. Students and staff read and logged 155,484 minutes and counting – that’s more than 58,729 more than their school goal! Everyone at Humphries received Chipotle bookmarks coupons for burritos.

Top High School Reader!

Devin Cottrell, a junior at Grady, is the top high school reader in the District — with a total of 12,080 minutes read and logged!

Top Middle School!

C.W. Long Middle School is the top middle school in the District with 95% participation, a total of 249,818+ minutes read and logged — exceeding the school goal by 32,426 minutes! Everyone in the school received Chipotle bookmark coupons.

Schools with Top 10 Readers!

Congratulations to Deerwood Academy, Finch, Miles, Morris Brandon, and Thomasville Heights elementary schools, as well as Sylvan Hills and Sutton middle schools, whose students were among the top 10 readers in the entire District. Each top reader received a new bike, books, and/or Chipotle bookmark coupons.

Deerwood Academy 2nd graders Christian and Mohamed are among the top readers in the district and will ride into summer reading with two new bikes! Finch fifth graders Rodarious and Zacheri are among the top readers in the District. Zacheri read and logged 21,381+ and received a gift bag full of books. Rodarious read and logged 22,070+ and received a new bike.

No. 1 School & No. 1 Reader!

Morris Brandon Elementary School is the top school of the District, reading and logging a collective 516,191+ minutes. Fourth grader Ayushi Kirtane is the top reader in the entire District with 81,015+ minutes read and logged since Nov. 6.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the inaugural #APSRace2Read challenge — which will continue through the summer as we continue to race to read and log a collective goal of 13.1 million minutes!

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