Kimberly’s Panther Yoga Program Ends On A Relaxing Note

On the final day of the Panther Yoga Program at L.O. Kimberly Elementary School, students and staff stretched out on yoga mats as healing sounds from gongs and singing bowls bathed over them. This ancient sound-healing practice is called a “sound bath.”

Kimberly alumna Noni Ayana, a holistic practitioner, performed the sound bath May 15 as a special treat to Panther Yoga participants.

“At the beginning of the program, the invitation was extended to 12 third grade students,” said Early Intervention Program (EIP) teacher Stephanie Bagley. “By the end of the school year, five out of the 12 students had attended at least 50% of the sessions. We met for 12 weeks, so the students who I acknowledged with a certificate on awards day had attended at least 16 sessions. One student in particular only missed one session due to absence. He was acknowledged for exhibiting exemplary perseverance.”

Bagley started the pilot yoga program in February to empower students through yoga, meditation and social-emotional learning. A 20-year-long yogi, she led 45-minute sessions three days a week.

“Next year I hope to extend the program to students in grades K-2 as a support to social emotional learning at Kimberly,” Bagley said. “I also will continue to offer sessions to the five students who attended at least 50% of the sessions this year.”

Interested in starting yoga at your school? Email Stephanie Bagley at for insight.

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