Convergint Technologies Provides Free Security Upgrades to Four APS Schools

Out with the old audio security system. In with a new audio-visual security system.

Upgrading the front-entrance intercom was just one of many security measures Convergint Technologies provided free of charge to Dobbs Elementary School, Forrest Hills Academy, Heritage Academy and Cleveland Avenue Elementary School on June 7.

“I’m very grateful because we’re already in a challenging community,” said Dobbs Principal Tiffany M. Ragin. “Our school is a safe haven for students and parents. This allows us to be able to provide a safer environment so that they feel comfortable when they come to school.”

Convergint Technologies, a global service company, launched its STEP Up (Secure, Train, Educate and Protect) initiative as part of its ongoing community efforts to address school security issues. June 7 marked its 18th annual nationwide day of service, where the company donated more than $1 million in employee time and more than $100,000 in security equipment as 2,400 employees performed security assessments and installed interior and exterior security systems and upgrades in 80 communities for elementary schools and charitable organizations in Atlanta, Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Nashville, Orlando, Richmond and Tulsa.

“It feels incredible to be a part of a company that takes giving back to the community so seriously, with me seeing firsthand how much Convergint Technologies took into planning and coordinating all of our colleagues today across multiple schools,” said Raquel DeJesus, Convergint administrative assistant and STEP Up coordinator. “We actually hope to motivate and influence other companies to take the STEP Up initiative and give back to the community in ways that they can as well.”

Some 116 Atlanta Convergint employees volunteered to install school security intercoms and cameras.

“We’re thrilled to be able to use our expertise and our talents to help make our schools and our communities a little bit better and a little bit safer,” said Michael Ioime, general manager for Convergint Atlanta. “At the end of the day, a school should be a safe haven for children, and we just want to be a part of helping to make that a reality.”

School administrators, faculty and parents are encouraged to visit ( to conduct safety audits to help ensure systems are fully operational when the school year begins. The list includes immediate steps that can be done for no cost, such as checking door locks, lighting, intercoms, software and foliage that might block views from security cameras or personnel.

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