BCG Volunteers Spruce Up Perkerson Elementary School

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) closed its Atlanta shop on June 20 and sent 250 employees to Perkerson Elementary School for a day of service.

“We wanted to do something to support kids in the community and to make an impact on children’s lives. We thought supporting an elementary school would achieve that objective,” said Gene Conley, business manager director of Nexus BCG in Atlanta.

With shovels, paint brushes and strong arms, BCG staff organized books in the school media center, gave faded benches and walls a fresh coat of paint, paved walking trails, and planted a butterfly garden.

“This is such a blessing to my students,” said Perkerson Principal Tony Ford. “I’m grateful for the learning environment that BCG is contributing to. We can’t do this work without partners like BCG.”

BCG volunteers also stocked staff restrooms with feminine hygiene items and toiletries, and created emotional learning stations for students in each classroom. Equipped with bean bags and pillows, the SEL-centered stations are designed for students who just need a moment to decompress.  

The Wildcats are certainly in for a surprise when they return to school August 12 for Day One!

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