We Are APS: Keisa Campbell

APS Student Information Specialist Crowned Ms. Georgia

Keisa Campbell wears many crowns: mother, mentor, image consultant, certified professional life coach, licensed hair stylist – and, since June, Ms. Georgia 2019!

Campbell is an Atlanta Public Schools student information specialist. In this role, she leads the production of APS information storage systems, communicates information systems policies, conducts training, plays a key role in state reporting, and oversees the input of accurate and complete student data to ensure instructional continuity and appropriate funding of educational programs.

Campbell’s impact in the District extends beyond her job duties. Often times, she serves as a confidant to staff who need a listening ear and open heart. Likewise, as the reigning Ms. Georgia, she plans to use her platform to help enrich the lives of women, girls and families in the community.

Learn more about the pageant and her platform in the question and answer below.

Why did you decide to participate in The National Mr. & Mrs. Black America Pageant?

I started building my platform of Beautiful Living a few years ago, with the sole goal of empowering and building women to overcome difficult experiences and circumstances that many encounter in their lifetime.  When the opportunity to be crowned Ms. Georgia was presented to me,  I was confident this would provide the leverage needed to expand my platform and reach more women in an effort to make a difference in their lives. Ironically, just before I was chosen,  I read  Shonda Rhimes’ book, “The Year of Yes.” This was a defining moment, and I recognized the significance in my commitment to accept this challenge not only for me but for all of the beautiful women I humbly aspire to serve.

Can you provide some insight about the competition?

The National Mr. & Mrs. Black America Pageant is less about beauty and aesthetics and more about building strong and healthy lives which in turn yield strong marriages, families, communities, and economies. I was prepared for the pageant well before receiving the call as my daily living is centered around being a beacon of hope and help for my family, friends and my community. Through these character-building blocks, I’ve been prepared for this role and responsibility for a very long time. I went through a strenuous interview process to be chosen to represent Ms. Georgia. 

What does winning Ms. Georgia mean to you?

Winning Ms. Georgia is an honor that I will forever hold dearly in my heart. Being a teen mom, people had preconceived ideas about what they envisioned my life to be.  The odds are sometimes stacked against you when you choose the road less traveled. However, with tenacity, support from my family and the inner strength to not allow one circumstance to define me, I changed my trajectory.  Essentially,  my past did not define my future.  Whatever you are going through or have been through, know that you have the opportunity to write your own story.  Anything is possible when you decide to say “yes” to yourself and be true to living your authentic beautiful life.  I am reminded every day that I am a queen!

What is your platform? What do you plan to do with the title?

Beautiful Living is my platform that is predicated on empowering women in the areas of purpose, wellness, finances and how to show up for what they are called to do. One of my goals is to bring transparency to the importance of wellness, which encompasses self-care, mental health and social well-being. In addition to wellness, developing a plan to execute financial prowess that will focus on budget creation and eliminating debt, which is critical as women evolve and find their purpose through vision planning, styling and beautiful living.  I will host a series of community events and workshops centered on these areas. 

Ms. Georgia Keisa Campbell, leading a life coaching and vision board session.

Will you be participating in the 2019 National Pageant?

Yes, I will be participating in the 2019 National Pageant on Oct. 20 in Wisconsin, where I will compete for the national title. Finals include interview, evening gown, stage chat, project completion, and fashion wear categories.

Any additional insights/information?

Beautiful Living will be hosting “A Purse with a Purpose” community event on Aug. 24, 2019 to benefit Dress for Success Atlanta, a charity close to my heart. For more information on how you can donate, be a sponsor or participant please send an email to beautifullivingllc@yahoo.com.  You may follow my progress on Facebook @Ms. Georgia 2019 Keisa Campbell.

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